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Freelance Translator

Englisch - Russisch - Deutsch - English - German - Russian - ATTRAKTIVES ANGEBOT: Erste Seite der Bestellung ist gratis. Dann entscheiden Sie selbst ... It is up to you to decide after you have one page translated free of charge -  Translation of technical documents, science reports - German, English, Russian - Innenbetriebliche Abkürzungen als Anlage einseinden, bitte -  Please enclose  decoded abbreviations used at your premisses



Nor ought a genius less than his that writ
Attempt translation.

Sir John Denham (1615–69)

In the open sea of intercultural communication you need a support, a lighthouse that helps you on your voyage. You are a company that seeks to expand , a technical adviser who wants to explain particulars to customers or a scientist who needs complete understanding from a colleague.  Accurate technical translation between English and German  or from English /German into Russian and back is needed? Now you can have it.
  There is a wide choice of big translating agencies worldwide. Still there are freelance translators too, and the secret of their survival in the age of "large battalions "is quite simple. When you want  a top-quality product that fits particular needs, something tailor-made , you do not go to the supermarket, you go to the boutique.
   In the age of automatic and machine-aided translation, some prefer the work of an artisan because in some areas it is the accuracy that matters most. Now  you have a responsible perfectionist, meticulous to details and ready to suit your particular needs. Because I will check, cross-check and check it over once again. To paraphrase Confucius, many technical translators  may well have greater knowledge of various special domains yet nobody can surpass me in love  for perfection.
  Experience in domains of science and engineering, metal working and machining, aviation,  biology and social sciences (psychology, linguistics). Click here on  links to German, English   and    Russian texts to see representative samples of translations into respective languages.
Apart from translations between English/German/Russian languages, you can have good translations from French and Spanish into Russian or English. ( Sorry, here it works only one way, no back translation,  but the quality is guaranteed).


In gegenwärtiger Welt der Globalkommunikation brauchen Sie Beihilfe  um mit Ihren auswärtigen Partnern zweifelloses Verständnis zu garantieren.  Sie sind eine nach außen strebende Firma, ein technischer Berater, der Erklärungen bei einer Niederlassung liefern soll oder ein Wissenschaftler, der Doppelsinnigkeit im Verkehr mit Kollegen zu vermeiden sucht. Jetzt haben Sie es schon: präzise und preisgünstige Übersetzung der technischen Unterlagen und Wissenschaftsberichte ins Englisch und Russisch.
Gebiete :  Maschinenbau, Metallbearbeitung, Biologie, Sozialwissenschaften, Geschäft.

1.First trial page of a submitted source text is gratis for you, i.e. free of charge.
2.If you are satisfied with its quality, then you'll have to send the material by e-mail and make an advancement to cover 1/3 of the total translation cost ( this ratio is negotiable if your order is large).
.Once your advancement reaches me, I send you the translated part and we agree on the  moves to follow. No monkey business here, I am interested to pull your project through and to earn the remaining sum.
4.However, I reserve the right not to translate trial orders whose contents make me suspect a customer is unlikely to place an order beyond this free trial page. One-page orders paid in advance are accepted.


1. Please contact me by e-mailing your inquiry with an attached one-page source text

In 1942 an American naval vessel patrolling in the Med off the Italian coast intercepted an Italian ship. The Italian crew was taken aboard the U.S. destroyer. The order was given to sink the ship by gunfire despite desperate cries of the Italian skipper who kept repeating the word "ore". There was no interpreter at hand and nobody could understand the word. When the destroyer arrived at her base, it turned out that the word meant "gold" and the ship sent to bottom had carried a big part of the Italian national gold stock.++  When a young lady, filling her application for overseas duty with the Red Cross, came to the question asking if she was prepared for the journey, she wrote:"I can say "No" in 12 languages".-Als Milton von einem Freund gefragt wurde, ob er seine Töchter in verschiedenen Sprachen unterrichten würde, so antwortete er: "Nein, mein Herr,  e i n e Zunge ist für eine Frau genug." ++ Mother praises her son: "Bobby wishes to study Russian. He already knows some Russian words." - "Which words?" - "Blip,blip,blip." ++