Translation in Science and Technology:

 German & Russian languages


  Accurate translation of science and engineering from German and Russian and back to these languages.  Adequate translation of special texts still remains the craft of humans. That is why no machine translation program will be called upon to mutilate your original source text -  all is done through good old brain-work.












Freelance translator from/to German and Russian:

Need to translate a science report or a paper on engineering? Your problem can be solved.  Translation is made in the following domains: Aviation, Engineering, Metal Working, Biology, Psychology etc. So if you want to have a translation from German or Russian into English or from English to these languages for

-  science reviews and reports;

-  technical digests;

-  catalogues for exported goods, operation manuals;

-  technical drawings and specs,

   please contact :

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Translation samples

To view samples, click on links: Russian Deutsch or English